Radio KPFK is not for sale

Recording of LSB Meeting from 4/16/2023

Chat Protocol

00:16:02 Sol: No
00:16:54 Jose Benavides: I accidentally joined the wrong link before, and I noticed they only had 4 people in their meeting.
00:17:56 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman: Their meeting doesn’t start for 14 minutes.
00:22:49 iPhone: I’m a KPFK member.
00:23:18 iPhone: Not LSB
00:23:26 Terry Goodman: That 5334 number is registered to Michael Heiss, I believe.
00:24:05 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): Paul is present, as indicated in email I am under the weather and unable to speak
00:24:09 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): Present
00:26:11 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): I’m here
00:26:19 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): And clearly indicated my presence
00:26:23 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): Twice
00:26:26 Roberson, Paul (He/Him/Comrade): Hello all
00:28:47 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: The people you’re asking to ID themselves if they come late cannot hear you since they aren’t here yet.
00:40:30 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: People who boycott this meeting for the other one should not be excused!
00:44:30 Sol: Excused absences can be handled retroactively. Only those who were present at the meeting(s) in question may vote.
00:46:35 Polina Vasiliev: The other meeting has just reached quorum with only 12 people on.
00:47:44 Jose Benavides: Thanks for saying that George.
00:52:10 Laura: Other meeting is streaming,
00:52:44 Laura: Mr Heiss is leaving there to come here!
00:53:38 Jeanine Rohn: Check out this interactive map…
The land I live on is the homeland of the Tongva Indians. Others choose to identify as Kizh and disagree over use of the term Tongva.. My specific area – the village of Otsunga (place of roses).
00:53:52 Laura: Ms Kim just moved to ratify next week the officers’ elections. Cde Beth just piped up with something or other, some notification rule.
00:54:24 Michael Novick (he/they): Can someone turnon captions?
00:55:39 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: My 30-minute timer got turned off accidentally.
01:01:02 Margot Eiser: To follow the Pacifica Mission, factual information should be used to determine the name of the ‘tribe’ mentioned in preivious land acknowledgements’ and mentioned in Mr.Novick’s ad Jeanine’s chats. I encourage everyone to Google KIZH not tongva to get to a well researched document by Dr. Gary Stickel…
01:05:17 Kpfk Outreach: Michael Novick is very difficult to understand every sentence…
01:13:30 Rachel Barr WBAI: Replying to “Michael Novick is ve…”

no..He is not..calmate
01:14:44 Sue Cohen-Johnson: i’m signed up for 50$ per month, even tho my only income is Soc Secur
01:15:00 Jose Benavides: Reacted to “To follow the Pacifi…” with 👍
01:16:12 Michael Novick (he/they): cant
01:17:14 Jeanine Rohn: Thank you, Sue! 🙏🏽
01:19:00 Sue Cohen-Johnson: call – mate?
01:19:41 Jose Benavides: Reacted to “call – mate?” with 😂
01:24:09 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: Hopefully no one will want to buy with the lawsuit overhanging.
01:25:16 Margot Eiser: Reacted to “Hopefully no one wil…” with 👍
01:25:28 Kpfk Outreach: Jeanine, but has Michael Novick played a leadership effort to serve as mediator to enable an open communication channel bet. you and the National Office and ED?
01:26:20 iPhone: Sounds like he’s on the other meeting.
01:26:54 Jeanine Rohn: @KPFK Outreach – Yes. Michael has. We both have sent multiple emails…
01:28:31 Jeanine Rohn: I believe it partially political (my status) and also the ED and Markisha (referred to as “National Business Mgr”) being overwhelmed with CPB application and audits, etc.
01:30:08 Kpfk Outreach: OK Jeanine, but you have never made this known! Which is why every time you bring up the same issue, it remains a mystery to me, as to how this communication path is to happen! So the matter is even worse, because the IGM is also being ignored!
01:32:30 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: It might make sense to schedule this meeting at a different time or day than the other parallel one. then Michael would not be caught in-between.
01:32:32 Jeanine Rohn: KING REILLY – Volunteer coordinator:
01:33:12 Michael Novick (he/they): Apologies, I had to give the report and take questions on the other call and had to mute this one. Sorry
01:33:36 Ziri Rideaux: Michael can you answer questions now?
01:34:08 Jeanine Rohn: Replying to “OK Jeanine, but you …”

I have stated this in my past. I’m not recognized by the PNB as the Treasurer, but I do try to give a report each LSB mtg…
01:34:26 Sue Cohen-Johnson: Marisol, can u listen to what they are doing and report to us?
01:34:26 Michael Novick (he/they): King is actually working mainly on fundraising at this point. I am going to be interviewing someone else for volunteer coordinator
01:36:26 Kpfk Outreach: From Bella De Soto (Outreach) no Jeanine, my comments are referred to the matter specifically on your volunteer for Bus Manager at KPFK…
01:36:49 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: Could Michael invite people who are on BOTH boards?
01:44:27 Andrew W: Any “LSB” representatives should do an on-air Report To Listeners to report and respond to the listeners. Open dialogue is what is needed.
01:45:04 Marisol’s iPhone: Reacted to “Check out this inter…” with 👍
01:46:11 Andrew W: Accountability is also needed.
01:47:13 Kpfk Outreach: I personally feel that those folks obviously do not seem to care, plus they are given priority by the PNB, not our side in resistance….
01:47:38 Sue Cohen-Johnson: Predicting? What Rodrggo?
01:51:24 Sol: I I I I I I me me me I I I
01:53:15 Rachel Barr WBAI: Replying to “I I I I I I me me m…”

01:54:15 Jose Benavides: Send an e-mail and tell the people in that department to create NEW BRANDING, not just one spot, but many. We need rebranding.
01:54:35 Michael Novick (he/they): Yes thanks Jose
01:55:01 Michael Novick (he/they): We have limited production capacity, as you are aware
01:55:17 Margot Eiser: All during the year, all programmers should announce at beginning, middle and end of their programs that Listeners can donate and become MEMBERS and thus help run the station!!!
01:55:17 Jose Benavides: @michael LETS GET A NEW LOGO!
01:56:45 Michael Novick (he/they): Perhaps we can announce a contest. I agree the old-fashioned radio microphone whether in the red and black version or the shepard fairey black n white version is stale and outdated
01:56:48 Jose Benavides: Let’s go to Shepard fiery and ask him to create a new LOGO for us.
01:57:03 Jose Benavides: that’s if we want Shepard to do it
01:57:24 Polina Vasiliev: 12 is not quorum.
01:59:58 Jose Benavides: @michael

Shepard’s office is in Echo Park, it would be easy to reach out to him if we wanted him to create a new logo, and offer him a Tax write off
02:00:15 John P. Garry III: So noted by the Secretary
02:00:51 Sol: So Eric, tell the PNB
02:01:02 Michael Novick (he/they): @Jose thanks
02:01:08 John P. Garry III: Deidra Pacey is also noted as present.
02:01:24 Sol: FORGIVE? Tell them to Obey the Bylaws
02:04:28 Sol: @ ERIC:
Ziri’s response to the BYLAW VIOLATION wasn’t an “over-reaction”! Just stop with the false equivalents!!!!
02:07:38 Sol: PNB Call ins???
02:11:46 iPhone: Just a quick public question from a KPFK member. On the KPFK Not For Sale website there are previous meeting recordings. However, none of those appear to be working, meaning no audio, even after signing into my google account. Thanks for your attention to this.
02:14:45 Pacifica Death Watch: Are there minutes of these meetings? Where?
02:19:24 Sol: Intellectual dishonesty?
Maybe just mistaken
Make peace, as you said earlier.
02:22:28 Michael Novick (he/they): If I am still in place as GM there will be on air candidate forums for the elections on KOFK before ballots are sent out
02:23:43 Sue Cohen-Johnson: Thank you, and thanks for everything, M. Novick
02:23:56 Andrew W: “on KPFK”?
02:24:03 Laura: Thank you, Michael Novick: you must be the first KPFK station manager to say such a thing in however long!
02:25:29 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Total baloney on the description of the elections issue
The debates on the issue of elections were argued through the summer and in each case the terrible shortfalls of several stations fiscally was the KEY factor influencing everything

Always conveniently ignored
02:26:36 Michael Novick (he/they): yes KPFK sorry for typo
02:26:56 Andrew W: No worries
02:27:15 Jim’s iPhone 6s: We have actually three general managers who will help us with the cpb issue
02:27:49 Sue Cohen-Johnson: by their words shall ye know them.
02:28:13 Jim’s iPhone 6s: We have cleared hopefully all the problems facing the cpb issues but who the he’ll knows
02:29:07 Laura: iPhone Jim, directors have to act according to the bylaws & US law, so if there’s no spare cash then savings have to be made — and if that means reducing the over $5M workforce then that’s what has to be done: the directors have no discretion in this matter, they have to act in accordance with the rules & not act like children choosing what to do.
02:29:52 Jim’s iPhone 6s: We are required to have for each station $500,000 in non federal financial support nffs

The only station maybe that is problematic is kpft
02:31:00 Laura: And on the CPB, they had never announced that the closing date is May 24th: the first time they said anything was giving May 8th. But that’s not the main thing: they allocate grants on a first-come basis, as their website explains.
02:33:28 Jim’s iPhone 6s: The dilemma in reducing workforce costs may be forced because we may
NOT have many choices since the audience growth at all the stations are collapsed and static

Sure there is growth in kpfk and kpft but still overall not enough

We need to get all the numbers up for audience and everything else is secondary
02:33:29 Laura: And the Executive Director was all wrong at Thursday’s PNB: any application to the Radio Community Service Grant Program is *by a station*, as their rules, & the application form, make plain. ED Wells was wrong to say there’s only one application to be made, not 5, one sent in by Pacifica Foundation, Inc.
02:34:07 Laura: Here are the relevant links, for everyone to see:
02:35:31 Laura: the rules, showing it’s a station that applies, not the owner/trustee of multiple stations,
02:36:17 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Thank you Laura

We have been talking to the cpb for months and our advice on this is different than what you suggest

The announced date of late may was from last year and their previous announcements were similar

We now have the date as may 8th but we are better prepared than last year when many simply opposed it pure and simple

We can only try and nothing ventured nothing gained
02:36:54 Laura: the current application form, asking for station data, not data of the owner/trustee,
02:37:07 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Yes
Why all the screaming about Roger’s and company and we may not lack the miney
02:37:13 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Money
02:37:23 Jeanine Rohn: In 2021, they gave a bid of approx $70K for the audit – with no breakdown of how many hours at what rates made up that amount. I requested a breakdown. It was never given. Then they charged 20% more as their final bill.
02:37:55 Jeanine Rohn: I don’t have an issue with their capabilities – just that we need to have a better agreement with their charges
02:38:10 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Thank you Laura once again
Please contact the Ed with your concerns
We are moving ahead anyway
02:39:49 Jim’s iPhone 6s: What is ridiculous is being in this sorry fiscal state to start with
02:40:03 Laura: The application form says the FY 2022 auditor’s report must be submitted, along with the 3 required financial statements, *but the FY 2022 audit hasn’t even been started*, so no application can succeed,
02:41:21 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Thank you Laura
I finally have discovered someone who I was curious as to who they were

Why do you have such energy invested in not having Pacifica try to get cpb money?

02:42:40 Laura: That application form also requires FY 2022 station financial figures that have to be audited ones, & those don’t exist, as we know. So any application is a waste of effort — including the $1K per station for computing the station coverage & population served by the signal. This is of interest to the CA Attorney general, obviously, as all this is known before contracting the survey vendor.
02:43:57 Sol: Laura’s questions and comments are thoughtful and fact-based. Why this charge of not wanting success for Pacifica.
02:44:01 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Ahh
Another giveaway by you
Thanks for the clarification

If one followed you we would never do a damn thing
Love it
02:44:09 Sol: It’s a national committee
02:44:17 Laura: Any application Pacifica makes, not least because of a lack of FY 2022 audited financial data, will necessarily be frivolous, not bona fide, & that will only antagonize CPB, adversely affecting any subsequent application.
02:45:35 Michael Novick (he/they): Make it a thank you for a larger donation, like the t-shirts
02:45:43 Sol: Wishing for CPB money won’t do.
Meeting the requirements before the deadline might work.
02:45:58 Jim’s iPhone 6s: The charge all is clear and I suggest that you acquaint yourself with the issue and this latest comment
Based on zero knowledge of how the pnb is talking with the cpb right now
Is quite revealing

In fact extraordinary in its hubris to assert as facts when the person has no clue as to what is going on
02:46:02 Laura: This spreadsheet, part of the application form, also clearly asks for FY 2022 audited financial data, all of which Pacifica sadly lacks,
02:48:46 Laura: iPhone Jim, I provide the publicly available forms that CPB provide for any Radio CSG applicant. Plain for all to see. Unambiguous. You can only refer to alleged private meetings with CPB; furthermore, you cite no public statement by Pacifica explaining that CPB has allowed Pacifica to override the CPB rules applying to evry other radio station in the US. A rational person knows where the truth lies.
02:51:06 Rachel Barr WBAI: difference between fantady and reality..Stop stop.stop putting blame in peoole..Resign!
02:52:37 Ziri Rideaux: Jim told us in an email “to all go to hell”. While I very much appreciate Jim being part of the discussion, I would prefer more civility in our communication, especially from a PNB member
02:52:42 Laura: The grants are allocated on a first-come basis: “Eligible applicants are accepted into the Radio CSG Program in the order their applications were receive” (page 2): *the closing date, May 8th, is, in substance, irrelevant —
02:53:20 Rachel Barr WBAI: This lack of transparency regarding financial in Pacifica is something which the listeners have been complaining to me about for 2 yrs. If people cannot do their job duties they need to leave their jobs.
02:54:07 Ziri Rideaux: There’s nothing that should be “secret” in a PNB application
02:54:53 Laura: The application also requires the submission of the station’s budget for *next year*, FY 2024 — and no Pacifica station has even had its FY 2023 budget approved by the directors.
02:55:07 Rachel Barr WBAI: have done some research about the guy who is helping w/the CPB application.Peoole need to stop accusing others are very rude..Very angry. Need to calmate. Jesus Christ!
02:57:30 John P. Garry III: Time has expired for this time: 12:45—12:55
02:59:18 Laura: All this means that any application this year for a CPB Radio CSG is spurious. It’s a ploy by some directors to give the impression of doing something useful, when it will not only necessarily fail but it’ll antagonize CPB as they will see that without even FY 2022 audited data & the auditor’s report that Pacifica has wasted the time of CPB evaluators, asking them to evaluate applications that aren’t bona fide. Money will also be spent, ~$5K, on generating the coverage/population data — a waste of donor money on applications that by any rational standard would be known to fail.
03:00:29 iPhone: Reacted to “All this means that …” with 👍
03:01:10 Pacifica Death Watch: Completely unfair to suggest Jim’s CPB efforts have been “secret”, many many meetings and explanations on where to get additional information was provided. While the PNB can be fairly criticized about its openness this is one area that just isn’t the case
03:02:01 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: offs?
03:02:11 John P. Garry III: Five minutes remain in the meeting (12:45—1:05 extension)
03:02:27 Laura: The need for station FY 2024 budgets is on page 19 of the application form,
03:05:54 Sol: Death: Dingeman said he wasn’t going to name people. No assumption needed; just quotes
03:08:27 Laura: The evidence on the CPB Radio CSG Program is publicly available, for all to see. What’s required, & when, is as transparent as can be.
03:08:28 Jim’s iPhone 6s: The process is in motion regardless of any negative comments concerning

No guarantee of anything in getting it but we will see

The plans for doing this have been announced openly on open session. For months

In terms of people talked to directly
Yes that is confidential
03:11:29 Sol: Ignoring basic CPB requirements and chanting “I’m trying!!”
Frenzied activity” does not mean “productive work”. No matter how much you blow your horn.
03:11:56 Polina Vasiliev: Replace “direct the PNB” with “urge the PNB”
03:12:53 Jim’s iPhone 6s: Sol
You do not know what you are talking about but that is cool
People love to talk about stuff they “think” they know about
But thanks sol for the input
03:14:33 Laura: As the General Provisions of the Program state clearly, there were two deadline in February — that Pacifica & each station failed to meet. That is, (1) the 5 station SAS, the Station Activity Survey, were due by February 15th; & (2) the Pacifica Foundation, Inc. FY 2022 auditor’s report was due by February 28th. Please see page 18 of the General Provisions, “he
financial forms (AFR or FSR and financial statement) are due within five months after the close of Grantee’s fiscal year. As a condition of receiving the CSG, Grantee must also complete and submit its annual SAS (including the LCSR) to CPB by February 15.” Pacifica’s year-end is Sept. 30th, hence the Feb 28th deadline.
03:17:12 Sol: Deadline is May 8
Most CABs fail requirements
Several FY 2023 budgets are unapproved. Only 1 or 2 FY 2024 draft budgets even exist.
03:18:31 Jim’s iPhone 6s: We are a brand new application
Some of those requirements you cite are not pertinent

Again sol
Moving ahead after six to seven months of hard work on it
03:19:00 Laura: And as the May 22, 2020 CPB letter to ED Brazon & PNB Chair Steinberg made plain, Pacifica “must be fully compliant at the time of application” — and 2 deadlines had already been missed by March 1st this year. Meaning? Any CPB Radio CSG Program application would necessarily fail. The words are unambiguous.
03:20:55 Laura: iPhone Jim, you say, “We are a brand new application” — the applicant is *a station*, as the General Provisions & the application form make plain. You’re not making sense.
03:21:23 Sol: CABs and Budgets are @not applicable”
Ok, Jum.
03:21:35 Sol: Jim
03:23:55 Laura: It is a requirement of the 1934 Communications Act that a station receiving federal money has a community advisory board (CAB) — that’s why the CPB has the rules it does. Two of Pacifica’s stations lack a CAB: Berkeley’s last met Sept 2019 (sic); Washington, DC’s last met May 2015 (sic). Why PNB Chair Julie Hewitt, a director since 2016, has tolerated this is anyone’s guess.
03:24:44 Laura: The evidence:
03:25:27 Sol: Bye all
03:25:37 Laura:
03:26:40 Laura: Because of the CAB fact concerning KPFA, it can’t be denoted the flagship station on any Pacifica application to CPB.
03:28:00 Laura: (Correction: the last WPFW CAB meeting was October 2015: )
03:28:46 Rachel Barr WBAI: nope! Im sorry but Ms Aaron is incorrect.Thank you Mr Tatum
03:29:30 Rachel Barr WBAI: Thank you Ziri
03:29:41 John P. Garry III: “If he does not wish to vote he answers present (or abstain)”. RRNR 10th ed. 406.
03:30:23 Sue Cohen-Johnson: thank you, JPG
03:31:44 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: The extension would allow Nancy time to speak as well.
03:31:48 Rachel Barr WBAI: as a wbai lsb member all was going well until some woukdnt ket Cerene speak..Shame
03:34:16 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: Cerene and Nancy put your comments in the chat!
03:35:03 Rachel Barr WBAI: sorry that happened Ziri. Some of these people are riduculous
03:35:16 Jeanine Rohn: We are a 45 mins over.
03:35:52 Ziri Rideaux: Thanks for everyone’s patience and respect for listeners
03:35:57 Eleanor Elizabeth Forman WBAI LSB: Nancy?
03:36:43 Rachel Barr WBAI: thank u Ziri:)