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KPFK 2023 Local Station Board Election

The Radio KPFK election is for 9 listener positions and 3 staff positions to be seated by Dec 2023 for 3 years. KPFKnot4 sale has established a slate of candidates for those seats.


Our goals are to:

  • uphold the legally required bylaws (which have been broken by the New Day dominated boards across the network
  • provide transparent accounting and governance
  • maintain an elected board structure (as opposed to New Day who wants a top-down appointed board structure and less listener input)
  • uphold the Pacifica mission statement that demands an open and uncensored public discussion
  • provide better financial management to bring KPFK back on track, instead of selling the KPFK building


KPFK is facing a crisis brought on by mismanagement by it’s New Day dominated National Board. It is crucial for the continued existence of KPFK and Pacifica Radio as a free-speech, self-sustaining public radio to fight off the current Hostile Takeover attempt by New Day.


The New Day dominated National Board has:

  • broken the bylaws by refusing to hold bylaws
  • mandated elections in 2022
  • illegally prolonged their own 6 year term limits to stay in power
  • unduly influenced local programming by banning programmers from the air, censoring them and violating their 1st amendment rights to free speech
  • illegally suspended 14 members of the originally elected Local Station Board and handpicked a New Day Local Station Board, violating the bylaws
  • run the Pacifica Network into the ground financially, squandering loans while not providing mandated financials to its listeners


Save Pacifica and KPFK by electing LSB delegates that will do the right thing! In times like ours, free speech, information and education are more important than ever!


Don’t allow KPFK to be turned into another toothless, sell-out NPR!


Thank you for your support!


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