Radio KPFK is not for sale

Photos of the Press Conference in front of the KPFK building, Studio City (Los Angeles) on March 9, 2023.

The PNB claims that selling the KPFK building, the most valuable building in the network, is the only way for Pacifica Foundation to survive financially. Using the same excuse, they had also claimed in 2022 that the only reason why the bylaw-mandated elections couldn’t be held was because “there was no money”. Pacifica is a $11 million a year non-profit corporation. Its management chose not to hold elections for a tiny fraction of their budget.

In order to silence KPFK, the PNB has decreed that KPFK is not allowed to use “Foundation Resources” to inform our members of upcoming Local Station Board Meetings and Committee meetings, as mandated by our Bylaws. We are also not allowed to mention the stand-off with the PNB on our website nor on the air and the KPFK LSB has been declared “illegitimate”. The reason for muzzling KPFK “McCarthy style” is that KPFK is insisting on following the Pacifica Bylaws, which in this case means: all Delegates and Directors are termed out after 6 years of service. The PNB includes 5 members that have termed-out and refuse to vacate their seats. Across the network, there are currently 17 LSB members that have termed out, who support the PNBs illegal practice in order to hold on to power past their legal terms. The KPFK LSB is the only station that has replaced their termed-out Delegates with Runner-Ups, as mandated in the Bylaws. For this, the PNB is trying to destroy KPFK. To remedy this situation, Pacifica Members from all 5 signal areas have started a lawsuit designed to bring the PNB back into legal compliance.