Radio KPFK is not for sale

Sergio Serdio

I am Sergio Serdio; as immigrant artists and member of the LGBTQA+ Community I have developed different projects of theater in this city which I know, love and call home for more than 20 years. My experience as a minority member in my country of origin and the lack of opportunities for an openly gay worker as long as life threatens and health insecurity pushes me to find a new place to call home. Los Angeles and its vibrant society showed me a fan of opportunities to develop ideas, new projects, and personal life aspirations. Has been a great journey.


Working with progressive churches, support groups, school districts, and universities, and have been provided the opportunity to bring back to my fellow immigrants the pride of their traditions, culture, and positive values.


With the experience I have acquired in national TV and Radio in Mexico, I have been able to collaborate with KPFK for nearly 13 years. This has been a most rewarding experience for me, has been educational on many issues. When it comes to our community, I value the necessity to keep radio as the most important means to maintain a strong conduit for art, information, and entertainment.


I urge your support for our community LGBTQA+


Thank you for your vote of confidence.


Thank you.


Sergio Serdio-KPFK