Radio KPFK is not for sale

Rodrigo Argueta Vargas

Human beings transcend by their actions rather than by their words, there are exceptions, some writers who are remembered by their books and some singers make the world a wonderful place with their music, so it also happens that with some radio broadcasters, that their words are capable of influencing history itself, they can draw a tear or a moment of happiness or can trigger powerful movements of profound social change; KPFK is a collective voice capable of unleashing the transformative creativity of our community, feeding the conciseness of the workers, KPFK helps unify all races around a common goal regardless of color or creed, I am committed to this ideal in honor of those who are no longer with us but have left us their example. Ideas are discussed in our institution, we discuss the methods, but the historical objective is the same, developing the trench to the educational and cultural revolution as the counterweight to the corporate media.

I ask for your vote, for more than 20 years I have worked as a volunteer in KPFK knowing that the volunteer work liberates the human being since it does not force humans to be sold as if they were goods. Some objectives of my participation at KPFK Local Station Board. To promote more collective programming and to count with more volunteers who identify themselves with the project of Pacifica. Achieve greater harmony of the community through a program that serves listeners, decreasing radio expenses through having collective and individuals who contribute their time and effort to promote the radio and increase the existing membership. Make community forums in different parts of the city to hear the voice of our radio listeners. Continue training workshops so that more people in the community work in the development of programming. As we have done and will continue doing workshops for paid and unpaid staff on the different regulations of the FCC, this with the intention that the producers of the programs avoid mistakes that could economically affect radio. Promote greater support of Local station Board to programming, outreach and inclusion committees since these committees have great potential but their resources are limited. Finally, I believe it is really important to conduct meetings among volunteers and paid staff as well as with management to promote a greater understanding among us at KPFK, on the understanding that the Pacifica Foundation and our community of listeners is the avant-garde towards a future of fulfillment, and social harmony but at the same time a radio whose programming challenges the corporate media My proposal is a radio at the service of all the causes that love freedom and justice, if you’re one of them join me!