Radio KPFK is not for sale

Rachel Bruhnke



I am an avid KPFK listener, and promoter, since my college days at CSULB studying PoliSci/Latin American Affairs. It was the Ronald Raygun years, enough said …


I have worked on issues of Peace, Latin America, Environment/Sustainability, and with Youth, for the past 30+ years. I adore the Spanish (righteous!) programming. I hope to promote KPFK to LA’s Youth, and to promote more radio from the street, and creative, mission-based fundraising that not only brings in more members, but furthers the mission of Peace and Justice that is Pacifica. I have been a Green Party member since 1992, and was then elected to the County Council at the age of 23. I ran for California State Assembly in 2018, and founded Berners Against Militarism and the Cold War Truth Commission, the later of which I am still actively building. I am a mom, a high school teacher and an urban farmer.


One of my axioms is: Trust the Sun, Grow Food. LA, with all its problems, is RIPE to lead the state and country in sustainable human and environmental transformation. KPFK can be a major contributor to that effort.