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Kat Kramer


As an actorvist, journalist, impact producer, animal-rights and wildlife advocate, environmental justice, female empowerment and anti-bullying activist, I’m running for the board as a listener candidate. I’m a long-time supporter of KPFK Pacifica, having been a guest several times to raise awareness about my cinema series “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World” which showcases documentaries and films that explore socially-conscious issues. The series was founded in 2009, and in my own small way, I’m following in the footsteps of my late father, maverick filmmaker Stanley Kramer, who made 35 social justice films. I produce and present premiere screening events with leading actorvists, filmmakers, media, students and creatives Lily Tomlin is the Ambassador and has been the series Host. I have been a guest along with Lily and my keynote speaker Dr. Helen Caldicott on Pacifica Performance Showcase Arts & Culture with host Donna Walker when I presented the North American premiere of FALLOUT. I always moderate “think-tank” panels and Q and A sessions. I have co-presented the first Atomic Age Cinemafest in LA and co-moderated the”power panel” with Harvey No Nukes Wasserman. My late Godmother and Namesake was feminist screen icon Katharine Hepburn. I can currently be seen in the documentary “Call Me Kate,” streaming on Netflix USA. This year, I’m launching #SHEroesForChange Festival and podcast, to celebrate female equality, empowerment, and DEI through the power of film and music. To recognize #SHEroes who are Changemakers, both famous and overlooked. We honor women In focus, female-driven stories, female filmmakers, and women making a difference. #SHEroesForChange strives to give artists a platform to explore such subjects as gender parity, workplace discrimination, and bullying, Eco-Feminism, disability -rights, mental health and women’s reproductive rights, climate change, environmental justice, intersectionality, intergenerational female representation on screen, music and the arts, female politicians, scientists and inventors. I am a co-star and co-producer of the award-winning film TURNOVER, about diversity and inclusion. I currently serve on the Advisory Board f the Los Angeles Press Club, the Advisory Board and Board of The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, and the Board of Advisors of The Lavender Effect. I was previously on the Board of Directors for the Hollywood Media Professionals. As an advocate for independent film and media, I believe in the power of media to create change. I believe in KPFK Pacifica to engage listeners, educate, enlighten, and transform our culture. Especially in regards to the climate crisis, and sustainability. I believe I can make a contribution by advocating for underrepresented voices in our society. For more info check out and To reach me directly please email, or You can also leave a message at my production company office (747) 265-6685.