Radio KPFK is not for sale

Dough Barnett

Doug Barnett, Your Number One Vote


Why has our KPFK-FM radio, LA’s source of alternative political analysis and the voice of people otherwise frozen out of for-profit media, the go-to place for peculiar music …. become one long info-commercial?

KPFK makes small mention of Volunteer programmers in the station who don’t get ANY wage, the station doesn’t buy them a restaurant lunch or pay them to attend Skill Growth Workshops.
They don’t get free parking unless a “Staff” member forgot to show up, their Union Rep doesn’t exist or won’t help past 13 weeks.


They’re not “professionals”, They don’t get ASKED about anything.


They get Told …., up until their last day, when they show up at the station and don’t get to go on ….,

And surprise, “Staff” didn’t have the guts to even tell them that their time slot has been moved A THIRD TIME or “That show has been replaced”.

Hill’s design and the original Pacifica Foundation (1948) were built so that broadcast Voices ran the radio station, not paid Mercenaries.

This station is not Community Radio, not NPR nor the CPB.
Pacifica is an EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION, not built around pushing our listeners needs or wants, and not our Staff’s “Good Fashion Sense”, resume Bling, or anyone’s “Ride”.


Printed in this paper I have right here:
Washington, July 2 1964

“FCC slapped a whopping $4,000 fine on KALI-AM, San Gabriel, today for failing to originate its programing in that city.
Commission charged [the] KALI licensee depended instead on Los Angels origination.
FCC described the alleged violations as “repeated and willful.”


Quoting from the California Attorney General’s website,
June 2023:
“This is particularly the case if the corporation has little to no contact with the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated, and when vital California interests are at stake, such as protecting California residents from harmful conduct, including protecting the assets meant for California beneficiaries.”

Vote Number One for Doug Barnett!

And we must always remember;
Transparency and Ignore-ance are VERBS, not adjectives.

Such are the days that Shall be.
But what are the deeds of today?
In the days of the years that we dwell in
that wear our lives away?
Why then,
And for what
are we waiting?
There are but Three words to speak:
We will it.
And what is the ferment
but the dreams
strong wakened
and weak.

William Morris