Radio KPFK is not for sale

Aryana Gladney

Uhuru, All power to the people.”

My name is Mecca, also known to some as Aryana Gladney. I was born and raised in south central Los Angeles. I believe that from years of living and organizing all over LA have a good grasp of what’s happening. I have lived everywhere from Inglewood, Long Beach, to Watts and currently residing in Mid City. And I’m excited to be running again, for KPFK’s local station Board.

I feel that this time around I have more to offer since my role on the board in the past. This includes everything I have experienced and learned over the years. I’m a mother to a young adult. My son is 23 years old and my relationship with him keeps me grounded. It helps me to be in touch with the youth: how they feel, and what they are experiencing.

I have been grassroots organizing since 1997 when I joined the Black Riders Liberation Party. During that time my work was primarily focused on organizing to stop police terrorism and changing the gang mentality into a revolutionary mentality. Currently the majority of my work is organizing African Women.

I am a member of the Los Angeles branch of African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), a mass organization of the African People’s Socialist Party / Uhuru Movement created to address the special oppression of African Women. The African National Women’s Organization focuses on the elevation of women to the rightful place as equal partners and leaders in the forward motion of the development of human society, and as leaders, makers, and shapers of human history. One of the major campaigns of the ANWO is the #ArrestCPS campaign. The goal of our work is to expose the parasitic nature of the foster system and the devastating role it plays in the life of Black families. We want to see children returned to their homes and resources allocated by the state to go directly to the families, ensuring successful reunification.

The attacks on black families are reflected in the current and historical attacks on the struggle for self-determination and liberation of African (Black) and all oppressed people. The attacks on democratic rights of freedom of speech, organization and assembly as seen being waged against the leaders of the Uhuru Movement known as the Uhuru 3 who are facing federal indictments, and countless attacks being levied on activists and in this country and around the world, make the work of KPFK essential to inform the masses, expose the continued repression, and represent the voices of the people.

I would be honored to serve on the local station board. KPFK’s mission of peace, justice, equality and human rights, falls right in line with the work I have been doing over 20 years. If I am elected to the board I pledge to continue the ongoing effort to restore and extend grassroots accountability, creativity and effectiveness at KPFK.