Radio KPFK is not for sale

Alicia Vargas


I have been a volunteer with KPFK since 2008. Most recently I have been a staff member for a daily morning program and now I am back to volunteering. I would like to uplift the Pacifica Radio mission and vision and help modernize KPFK to be able to survive and remain relevant in the digital age. I understand the challenges KPFK is facing from multiple perspectives and think that I can be a liason between staff and programmers and help KPFK improve and build in order to maintain the 65+yr legacy it has built as the community radio station. It is important to remain a citadel of education and community and I intend to help make this a reality. There is no reason why in Los Ángeles, one of the leading media markets in the world that KPFK should not be front and center, providing perspectives and educational access that is unparalleled by any neighboring radio station in all of CA. KPFK continues to lose audience due to easy fixes including a revamped website, and developing in kind donations to improve our technology and access to remain so. As a former staff person and volunteer I feel that I understand the challenges from multiple persectives. I have broadcast training and experience through my master’s in media from UC Berkeley. I am also bilingual and Can help continue to bridge Spanish content with the bilingual audience that exists in LA and nationwide. I would love to uphold the Pacifica radio mission and vision through action and welcome your support in order to make this a reality.